How To Get Started

You're a few steps away from getting the peace of mind that comes from protecting your kid's online life. Please enjoy your 2 day free trial period after which you can continue to purchase or remove the app. KidsDefend is not currently available to download on App Store or Google Play due to the extensive monitoring features we offer which they do not support.
Step 1

In order to start using software, please set your browser to allow cookies.
The dashboard will show the latest activity on your child's phone. "My Device" lets you know when the application is about to expire.
Call Logs
Step 2

the log display caller ID, phone numbers, whether they are incoming or outcoming, duration, location and the time of the call.
The play icon allows you to listen to the call.
You can also record and monitor calls from Skype, Google, Handouts or WhatsApp.
Step 3

Here you can find all SMS, email and socail media chats. Including the sender, location of the phone at the time that the child received or sent the text/email and an option to delete or download.
Step 4

All photos/videos that your child has on their phone, even if they have been deleted, may be viewed, deleted or downloaded.
This includes photos or videos from socail media as well.
Step 5

Monitor current location or check location history. You can also set a virtual leash that will alart you if your child has left their safe-zone or has entered a danger-zone.
Protecting your child or teen from inappropriate websites or content by monitoring their browsing history. You can also use the keyword tracking feature to get real-time alerts to make the internet a danger free zone.




Secure Application Features

With the KidsDefend you can Track GPS Location, Monitor Conversations
Track SMS & Call Logs, Record Live Calls & much more.

Preventing cyberbullying is easy when you can monitor your child's social media messaging. All images and text from popular apps like Facebook, Skype, Viber, Whatsapp can be accessed along with content from all incoming and outgoing emails.
Instantly see their current location even when regular GPS is unavailable.You'l also be able to check their location history or set a virtual barrier that will alert you if your child has left their safe-zone or has entered a danger-zone.
View all chats sent and received texts and media with Kids Defend app. Ensure that your kid is not talking to cyberbullies, online predators or any strangers online.
Get access to all incoming and outgoing emails and to calendar event details.You can also flag specific contacts and get real-time alerts if they contact your child.
What do you do if you fear your child might be in a dangerous environment? With KidsDefend you can remotely turn on your child's microphone on their phone and listen in to the surroundings. You can also remotely turn on your child's camera to get a better look at their environment.
You can easily export all collected data to your computer. This enables you to share texts, logs, images and recorded audio.






Download the KidsDefend Child app on your child's mobile device using this link:

Install and confirm all the accessibility messages

Open the app and enter your email in both fields and click OK

You should now receive a confirmation email with a link to the web panel, username and password. Check spam in case you do not receive one. It takes about 2 hours to update on your web panel.

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